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Apply for Skill Assessment with Melbourne's Professional Visa Consultants

Want to know what your work experience, skills, and education is worth in Australia? If yes, schedule a skill assessment service with Tilsav Migration & Education. If your application is sponsored by an employer, we can help you get your skills assessed in your field or occupation.

Skills assessment is issued by relevant skills assessing authorities that check whether your skills meet the standards they have set to work in a relevant occupation or not. The most common skill assessments include:

  • Provisional Skills Assessments 
  • Job Ready Employment 
  • Job Ready Workplace Assessment 
  • Job Ready Final Assessment 

In accordance with PSA, TRA will verify that you are who you claim to be and that your Australian degree is legitimate. Additionally, they’ll make sure you’re doing a range of jobs and responsibilities associated with your designated profession at an Australian workplace. You can request a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) from Home Affairs if your PSA results are favourable.

Documents Needed For Skill Assessment

In most cases, you’ll need to provide:

  • Passport (photo page) or national ID card
  • Proof of name change (if applicable)
  • Official academic awards
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Detailed syllabus for all qualifications not accredited by CPA Australia
  • Professional body qualification (if applicable)
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Third-party authorisation (if a third party is acting on your behalf)
  • Skilled employment assessment documents (if applicable)

If you need assistance with skills assessment or want to prepare your documents for assessment, feel free to contact our education consultants at Tilsav Migration & Education.

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