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How Long Can I Stay In Australia After Graduation With a Student Visa?

How Long Can I Stay in australia after graduation with a student visa

The answer to this is “Yes.”

If they finish their studies in a major city like Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, international students can remain in Australia after graduation. They only need a consultation from a reliable and Best Agent for a Student Visa in Melbourne or any other part of Australia.

Following graduation, they are eligible for two-year work visas; in some regions, they may be granted three or four years. The course you plan to take will determine how long you stay. Depending on the course length, more time might be offered at the conclusion.

However, the “expiry date” of your overseas student health cover (OSHC) is also a factor we examine. OSHC must, at the very least, cover the entire course duration. Let us know more about the topic:

Importance of a Student Visa Stays in Australia.

With a student visa, an overseas student can stay in Australia for up to 3 to 5 years, which covers both their academic stay and the duration of their post-study employment.

They might travel and work within Australia during this period. After that, based on their qualifications and field of study, they could apply for a Temporary Graduate visa to stay in Australia for an extra 18 months to five years.

If they fulfil specific requirements, they can also be qualified to apply for permanent residence. To get the most recent information, you should speak with the Department of Home Affairs and review your circumstances.

Know About Student Visa Stay in Australia

Generally, the maximum Student visa stay will not exceed five years.

Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate research students often stay six months longer than the typical relevant duration shown in the above table. Thanks to the extra time, these students can remain in Australia for the interactive thesis marking process.

For instance, if a visa expires on September 15 (plus an extra six months from March 15) of the year after course completion for Postgraduate Research students completing more than ten months of study, ending in November or December.

Primary School-Aged Students

Students in primary school are typically granted a student visa for a maximum of three years. Younger and more vulnerable students benefit significantly from this crucial safety measure.

Students in primary school may apply for a different type of student visa to pursue their studies. If students combine their elementary and high school studies, they may still be eligible for a five-year visa. But only if the combined duration of the primary and high school studies is no more than three years.

A student visa, for instance, might be issued to a person who wishes to join in Years 4, 5, and 6 and last until the conclusion of Year 8.

Wrap Up

So, once international students graduate, they can stay in Australia for 18 months to four or five years, depending on their qualifications. They need a Graduate Temporary Skilled Visa (subclass 485) to survive. Consult your Student Visa Agents in Melbourne and make the right decision for your student visa stay in Australia.

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